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Here To Say.

It's a simple formula that can make a huge difference. When you shop at, you're not only supporting NC based small businesses, but your paying it forward too!

  • Proceeds (profit) from each item sold goes directly to the NC small business (the "Collection", or Partner) that you purchased from. They use it as they best see fit - bills, increase wages, bonuses ... it's up to them!
  • Some of our partners have specific charities or organizations they support. Check the individual Collection or product to see who and how much.
  • Others let you choose who to help and support. Just look for the "Send the money to ..." dropdown on participating products.
  • You get to choose where the money goes with all "Here To Stay NC Collection" products too, by the way!

We're taking #SupportLocal to whole new level!

If you're a small business, musician, band, charity, teacher ... we can help you expand your brand footprint, raise money and cost effectively market to your target customers. To learn more, click a link below.  


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For Small Businesses

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"SBMP" - Small Business Merchandising Program 


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About is part of the the MavDog Printing Co., and joins, and one of our favorites - on a mission with a simple goal:

#SupportLocal and Pay It Forward.

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Founded in 2015, the MavDog Printing Company is based in Raleigh, NC (aka: Raleighwood). Through, we work with small businesses of all kinds, offering a wide variety of merchandise, printed "on demand through our Small Business Merchandising Program.

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Call us at 919 - 349 - 2650, click the button for more info and to Sign Up, or drop us a note below!

We look forward to working with you!