Help Us Help Darryl

The central theme, our mission, here at is, well, just that: to make sure that we're all here to stay!

Whether it's a fellow small business, a charity or in this case, a great guy from the restaurant industry, we want to do our part to help however we can.

Help us help Darryl Harrison Jr., aka - Darryl Eugene

We all know and love our friend "Darryl Eugene" Harrison Jr., thanks to his big personality and even bigger heart.

Whether you need a pick me up and a laugh to get through a bad day, some "sound advice" to a problem, or a helping hand with any task or emergency, "Big D" is always there to help.

Well now, Darryl could use some help. Last week, Darryl had a medical emergency - ketoacidosis and severe case of pancreatitis. Turns out Darryl is diabetic, and he didn't know. 

He was admitted to Duke University, underwent a multitude of tests and several surgeries to address the situation, and is now recovering and looking to be released in the next few days.

He's out of work (obviously), and once he's released, he'll need some serious help with medical bills, meds, ongoing treatments and rehab.

We'd like you to help us help Darryl

We've created the "Darryl Eugene Collection", tees, hats and other items, with all proceeds going to Darryl to help relieve not only the financial strain of the upcoming medical bills, but the anxiety of how with they'll be paid. And we all know a clear and stress free mind is key part to a speedy, strong and complete recovery.

So if you're in need of a tee, a hat, a tumbler for yourself or a friend (they make great gifts), click here and show some love for Darryl.

If you'd like to donate directly to Darryl, Matt Vish from Driftwood Cantina has set up a GoFundMe campaign that you can visit here.

Whether you buy a tee (or a hat, tumbler, ...) or simply donate through the GoFundMe campaign, every little but helps!

Get well soon Darryl. The world needs a little more "Deadpool" and Old Fashions!

God speed friend!

 Item  You Pay ...  Darryl Gets ...
 Short Sleeve Tee (Men's & Women's)  $24.95  $12.00
 Long Sleeve Tee  $28.95  $14.00
 6-in-1 Insulated Can Holder  $32.99  $10.00
 Coffee Mug (Black, White)  $14.95  $  6.00
 Foam Koozier - 1 ea.  $  5.00  $  1.50
 Foam Koozied - "6 Pack"  $27.99  $10.00

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