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No upfront costs. No minimums. No inventory.
All Profit.

Starting a Collection is pretty easy and straightforward. All the details are below, but in a nutshell, it's free and easy to set up and start a Collection. Simply ... 

  • Sign up
  • Provide 1 or 2 logos or designs (up to you)
  • Choose 6 products from 4 different categories (again, up to you, details below)
  • We'll create your Collection, provide proofs
  • You approve, we upload and launch
  • We both promote.

A great way to generate additional income, and profit! 

"Mix & Match" Your Collection - Choose "6 From 4"
You can choose up to 6 products from 4 product categories, and use 2 different logo's or designs and decorate most items in up to 4 locations. Please note - size and color limitations on specific items may apply.

4 Categories

  • Apparel
  • Outerwear & Hats
  • Drinkware
  • Accessories
Product-wise, you can mix and match tees for men, women and kids, long sleeve and short, with  a hat and a tumbler, ... you get the idea. 

Sell your existing swag.

If you are currently sitting on pre-printed, branded swag, we can help drive customers through the door!

We’ll upload the merch you have and sell them online, with a note that they can pick those specific items up onsite. Add a discount/coupon to the receipt, and you've got a great opportunity to generate additional revenue. And profit.

Your items will sold online at our normal SRP, allowing for free shipping, or "Save $5 and pick it up onsite!".

Marketing & Promotion

We'll promote you as part of our marketing efforts to market and promote via Facebook, Instagram and and our email marketing programs. 

We'll also provide you with a free QR code for your Collection, which you can use however you want. We can also work with you and provide table tents, flyers, posters or whatever you may need to help promote your business.

At the end of each month, we provide you with an Orders Report, summarizing what was bought, by who, along with a total of what you earned.
All money earned/raised is paid out via EFT by the 15th of the following month.

Additional Helpful Info ...
To get you set up, we'll need some basic information. You can sign up here.

  • Business name and address.
  • Type (bar, restaurant, club, service, church group, school, etc.)
  • Business contact name, number and email.
  • How you would like to receive your funds (PayPal, Venmo or cashier's/certified check).
  • Website URL and social media links for profile.
  • Sign Up Here.
Artwork - Submission Guidelines & Requirements
  • Vectored file formats such as .ai, .eps, or a .pdf (editable), please embed all fonts or convert text to lines and curves 
  • Print-ready .png files, sized to the finished imprint size. Files must be in the RGB color profile at 300 dpi, with a transparent background.
  • note: we cannot use .jpg files (they usually have a white box around the image that will print) or files from social media which are simply too small.
If you don't have a logo or artwork, we can do that for you, just let us know. 

Sign up here
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To learn more, click a link below. 


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Start A Collection


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